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Addiction Treatment Lead Generation

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Social Media Campaigns For Drug Treatment Facilities

Social media is a vital part of organic search engine optimization (SEO) if you want to increase the visibility and presence of your rehab treatment facility online. Social media must be conducted in a professional way to generate engagement through various social media SEO platforms. The management and maintenance of these profiles is conducted by our team Social Media Experts with years of experience in social promotion.

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Addiction Treatment Copywriting Services

The expert copywriters of our organic staff will format and optimize the SEO organic content in such a way to maximize your exposure, visibility, and presence in the vastness of the online world that will pinpoint your target audience. Our SEO copywriting specialists have years of experience at generating new organic leads, visitors, and readers for our clients’ websites which increases your CTR (click through rates) and the average session duration of each visitor as they browse through your fresh and enjoyable organic SEO content.

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Our company works exclusively with addiction rehabs and treatment centers. That is our expertise and niche—our ability to generate legitimate leads that make your phone ring leaves our competition puzzled and flustered. Want to know why? • Years of hard earned SEO experience • Excellent customer service/communication • Trade secrets and proprietary strategies • A meticulously selected team of digital specialists • Mastery of web design, lead generation, internet marketing

Competitive Marketing Edge For Rehabs and Addiction Centers

Just like every business, the substance abuse field requires a consistent flow of customers (clients) to maintain revenue, but eventually you will hit a plateau with your earnings if you do not adapt to market changes, new digital trends, and reinvent yourself with the help of Digital Marketing Rehab. By refusing to give up your current internet marketing plan which is now newly outdated thanks to our expertise, you are losing out on potential clients every single day.

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